Augusta, KY

A Bourbon Experience in Picturesque Augusta, KY

With stunning sunset views over the Ohio River and a welcoming country charm, it’s no wonder that USA Today named Augusta, Ky., “The Most Picturesque Town in Kentucky.” Explore southern hospitality at venues that are rich with history while offering modern-day experiences. 

Photo of Augusta, Ky., by Janet Hunt 

Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery

The Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery (4465 Augusta/Chatham Road, Augusta, KY 41002; 859-620-4965), open on Saturday and Sunday, has a strong legacy in both bourbon (which is practically synonymous with “Kentucky”) as well as wine. The venue has the largest and oldest wine cellar in the country and earned TWO spots on the National Registry of Historic Places for architecture and historic vineyard land.  

Photo of Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery by Bronze Photography 

Did you know that at one point in history, half of the wine consumed in the United States was produced in Augusta? Learn more interesting facts like this on the free Historic Wine Tour, or for $10 take the Cellar Guided Visit. While you’re there try Lightning Strikes, a white wine aged in bourbon barrels; or one of the venue’s young bourbons like Kentucky Statehood or Whiskey Rebellion. (These bourbons are not aged as long as others as an homage to the distillers of the past who didn’t have the time to age their bourbon for many years.) 

Photo of Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery by Bronze Photography 

The Beehive Augusta Tavern

Speaking of bourbon, The Beehive Augusta Tavern (101 W. Riverside Drive, Augusta, KY 41002; 606-756-2137) – a farm-to-table establishment with its list of local providers easily referenced on its website – offers Buckner’s, a limited edition 13-year single barrel unfiltered cask strength Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey from the Augusta Distillery

The tavern’s building – built shortly after the Revolutionary War – has served as a private residence, a general store, and a pharmacy. During renovations in the 1980s, the former owner discovered a beehive in the basement and thus, the name “The Beehive” was born. The Tavern is open Thursday through Sunday and was recently added as part of The B-Line, a collection of bourbon-centric bars, distilleries and restaurants that allow you to create your own personal bourbon experience. 

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