Angel’s Paws – Cincinnati’s Source for End-of-Life Care for our Pets

My aunt, Nan Scardina-Hardoerfer, started working for an amazing organization called Angel’s Paws three years ago. They provide complete end-of-life care for pets and the people who love them. They take the journey with you – from pain to peace. My family experienced this firsthand when our family pet, Eddie, was at the end of his life. It was an incredibly difficult experience, but Nan and Angel’s Paws made it so much better because of the great work that they do. I wanted to interview Nan to make more people aware of this amazing, local organization. 

Sydney: What is the mission of Angel’s Paws?
Nan: Our mission at Angel’s Paws is to be a blessing to people by helping them connect to the support and resources they need for the loss or impending loss of a beloved pet. 

Sydney: How did you get involved in Angel’s Paws?
Nan: I needed help with my own beloved pet named Sidney. Angel’s Paws helped me when I could not help myself. And because of the love and the care extended to me, I became a volunteer seven years ago to help support their mission and other pet parents.

Sydney: What is your role at Angel’s Paws?
Nan: I was hired full time over three years ago. I am the general manager and wear many hats. My focus is on being a shoulder to lean on for our pet parents and connecting them to our clinical staff to receive care.

Sydney: What other programs do you have?
Nan: Pet Parent Peace of Mind – This is true pet hospice, modeled after human hospice, providing an interdisciplinary team to take care of “both ends of the leash (or cat carrier)” 24/7/365 days a year.

Home Euthanasia – This service helps your pet cross the rainbow bridge from the comfort of home, with their people and sibling pets by their side.

Private Cremation – Private cremation and memorial packages are available. You receive your pet’s ashes back from the beautiful chapel in our facility. 

Support Groups – Free Pet Loss Support Groups are available on the first and third Tuesdays 6pm–7:30pm; Bible Study on the first and third Tuesdays 7:45pm-8:30pm; Mid-month social gatherings are held on the second Tuesday at 6pm. All groups are currently hosted via video conference due to public-health concerns.

Angel’s Watch – Created from the outpouring of support from pet parents, Angel’s Watch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that helps pets whose families are facing a financial hardship receive meaningful end-of-life care.

Military and Police Dog Fund –  This fund honors our K-9 heroes with a final salute as a thank you to them as well as their partner’s service.

Nan Scardina–Hardoerfer of Angel’s Paws

Sydney: What are ways we can help?
Nan: Spread the love! Please share our information with pet parents who will need our services now, or one day. Every pet parent should know our compassionate services are an option when they are facing difficult decisions for their pet. And, please donate to Angel’s Watch! Donations help pet families who are facing the hardest time of being a pet parent and a financial hardship at the same time. You can honor a pet or person in your own life with your donation and hang a star with their photo in our chapel.

Angel’s Paws is located at 11341 Grooms Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242 in Blue Ash. They are open from 9am–8pm seven days a week with their services. 513-489-7297