Cincinnati Neighborhoods: College Hill

Located northwest of Downtown Cincinnati, the College Hill neighborhood was first recognized as a village in 1866. Later it became a part of the greater Cincinnati area. The current streetscape has small shops, restaurants, businesses and residences all along Hamilton Avenue and West North Bend Road. From an architectural standpoint, the rich history of the neighborhood can be seen in the brick and stone facades of the homes and buildings.

Rooted in a long history, College Hill is ready for a revitalization. Huge potential growth of this neighborhood is possible in the next decade as developers continue to invest money. We’ve seen it with other areas of Cincinnati that have experienced a Renaissance-like revival with new developments coming in that revive a neighborhood. We saw it in Over-the-Rhine with 3CDC, and in College Hill, the stage is being set by the non-profit CHCURC (College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation) with the College Hill Station project.

College Hill Station

Projects like College Hill Station push for new residential, retail, and commercial spaces that draw new people and businesses into the neighborhood. This has proven to grow neighborhoods and provide opportunities for people living in the area. For College Hill, this could have a huge impact on its future. 10 years from now we could be looking at a very different neighborhood!

So, what kind of development is planned for College Hill? The proposal for the project includes two separate entities along the corners of North Bend Road and Hamilton Avenue. The goal is to connect the corners of these streets that are in a prime location of College Hill to create a desirable location to shop, eat, and live.

The 4-story structures that rest on the edges of the sidewalks will have ground floor retail spaces equating to 10,000 square feet with parking available. The other three stories will be a series of apartments that span across the whole site. In relation to the current state of the neighborhood, this will be a big change!

The current neighborhood has a lot of history, with buildings made out of a sea of brick and stone. The final finishes for the project have yet to be released, but it will be interesting to see if the project embraces the character of the neighborhood in its finishes or becomes something recognized as the future and pushes the boundaries of what makes College Hill, College Hill.

Patrick’s Park Jazz Day

New developments are not the only thing new to the neighborhood: live music is making a come back! And what could be better than a free, all-day concert? Jazz Vivace, an organization that promotes Jazz music in Cincinnati, has decided to provide exactly that. On Saturday, July 10, 2021 Patrick Wolterman Memorial Park in College Hill, 5923 Hamilton Ave Cincinnati, OH 45224, will transform into an all-outdoor venue dedicated to Jazz music.

The one-of-a-kind lineup will Headline an organ trio known as Akiko/Hamilton/Dechter. They will share the stage with some incredible local bands and others from all across the region. Check out the lineup below:


10:30am – Jazz at Dusk Student Jazz Ensemble

12:00pm – El Ritmo Del MaƱana

2:00pm – JD Allen Trio

4:00pm – Steve Schmidt Organ Trio with vocalist Mandy Gaines

6:00pm – WOW – Organ quintet

8:00pm – Akiko/Hamilton/Dechter

There will be local vendors and brewers from the area to compliment a whole day spent enjoying talented, live performers.

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