Reach Your Fitness Goals at CrossFit Ironside in Liberty Township

Leaving my basement treadmill and joining a CrossFit gym was one of the best decisions I have ever made. My mindset about fitness evolved from a chore to the greatest hour of my day. I joined CrossFit Ironside last year and met an amazing group of people – starting with the owners, Daniel and Melissa Anguiz. Their expertise and attention to detail has improved my overall well-being and inspired me to reach new goals.

I consider the people I workout with some of my most valuable friends and supporters. I’ve experienced CrossFit Ironside as more than a gym, which is what Daniel and Melissa intended. I reached out to Daniel so he could share more about their mission and approach and why it’s such a special place to take your fitness to the next level.

What was your motivation behind opening a CrossFit Gym?

As the owners and head coaches of Ironside, Melissa and I have made it our mission to create a team of qualified, knowledgeable and compassionate coaches that lead by example. Over the last ten years we have focused on developing a program that is simple to follow, challenging, and adaptable to all fitness levels. Ironside is a community of people of all ages, walks of life and backgrounds – all supporting each other in becoming a fitter version of themselves. 

Our goal is to provide our members with the best hour of your day by offering a welcoming environment and a challenging workout, guided by qualified coaches. As coaches we are passionate about seeing our members meet their fitness and health goals, and seek to provide a fun and exciting experience each day you enter our doors. 

“There is no way I am fit enough to start CrossFit….” What is your response?

Our program is scalable for everyone. Whether you are trying to find a fitness balance with life’s demands, or an athlete looking to hit that next performance level, you will find your place at Ironside. 

Even our most advanced athletes begin with our “On Ramp” program. The purpose of “On Ramp” is to familiarize each person with the program before they join the group classes. This allows us to spend some 1-on-1 time with each athlete to assess their current level of fitness and it also allows us to keep the integrity and dynamic of the group classes by preparing newer athletes before they join the group classes.

Photo: CrossFit Ironside

During “On Ramp” you will learn the proper weight-lifting techniques for the movements performed in the group classes. You will also establish your baseline strength and be given a thorough introduction to the strength and conditioning programs run at Ironside. 

How does CrossFit Ironside plug into the community?

As much as we love our facility, it is great to get our members out into the community. From Harmon Park in Lebanon, Mason’s Sonder Brewery, Voice of America Park, Caesar’s Creek or the Applefest 5k, we try to get the entire family involved. And of course, a post-workout brunch is always encouraged! 

Photo: CrossFit Ironside

What other services does your gym provide? 

Nutrition is our number 1 priority at CrossFit Ironside. Over the last 10 years, we have run over a dozen nutrition challenges and helped hundreds of our members get their nutrition on track and meet their weight-loss goals.

We run seasonal group nutrition challenges and  also offer affordable 1-on-1 nutrition programs that can be started at any time. In both our challenges and individual nutrition coaching, we teach flexible, macronutrient dieting with an emphasis on eating unprocessed, whole foods.

Photo: CrossFit Ironside

In addition to nutritional guidance, we frequently offer gymnastics and mobility workshops. We are fortunate to have a physical therapist as one of our coaches. Bekah leads mobility clinics to ensure people aren’t putting their bodies at risk of injury and allowing them to stay active.