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Do These Two Things to Keep Veggies Fresh for Longer

Tip 1: Use a paper towel.

When I switched from romaine to spinach because of the many recalls, it became quickly apparent that my baby spinach would not live as long. It had to be thrown out well before the expiration date. But then I discovered that placing a paper towel inside the plastic container and flipping it over would extend its freshness way after the expiration date! This allows the condensation to drip into the paper towel instead of drowning the baby spinach. If your kids love blueberries like my son does, then you will want to use this same technique for that plastic box as well.

Tip 2: Wrap them in foil.

Another vegetable in trouble is celery. We have purchased precut celery from our favorite grocery store for years, which comes packed in water. That, sadly, has a relatively short shelf life in our refrigerator. I say let this veggie live a few weeks longer by removing the plastic and water and instead wrap it loosely in foil. This allows the ethylene gas to escape while keeping it crisp. This also works well for a head of lettuce and everyone’s favorite­ – broccoli. Believe it or not, I add fresh raw broccoli to my egg white sandwich every morning so that vitamin C and the nutrients are not cooked away. 

Whether buying at some of the local farmers’ markets this summer or shopping at the grocery store, I hope you find these quick tips helpful for keeping veggies fresh for longer in your refrigerator. Enjoy!

Alan Powelson Sibcy Cline Lebanon
Alan Powelson is in the kitchen keeping his vegetables fresh.