Dog-grooming Services and More: How Live Oaks’ Animal Science Management Program Benefits the Community

Sometimes the best kept secrets are right under your (dog’s) nose. My fluffy loaf of corgi has his favorite destinations and one of them is visiting the talented students at Live Oaks High School, one of Great Oaks Career Campuses. Their Animal Science & Management program in Miami Township, Ohio is top-notch. The students are welcoming, professional and take every effort with grooming our pooch. Here to share more about this wondrous and educational find and their dog-grooming services is the program’s instructor, Lisa Ehrhardt.

dog grooming

How do you describe Live Oaks Animal Science & Management program to prospective students?

The Animal Science and Management program curriculum is very diverse including many small animals that students would work with in the animal field. It is a very busy, physical program that requires stamina, working without supervision, professionalism and critical thinking skills. Students will learn husbandry of animals, dog grooming and veterinary assisting procedures. Students will work with animals including fish, rodents, birds, reptiles, amphibians, dogs and cats. 

Which aspect of the program is your favorite?

The dog grooming is my favorite part of the program because I can see where students develop a passion for that career while learning all aspects of working with dogs and seeing the difference they make in the dogs’ appearance, and helping their health when they groom them. I have many graduate students who are successful in a grooming career and are very well-established financially. 

Why is vocational education important in preparing your students for their future?

Career Technical schools are important in preparing students for their future because they can get a head start on their career. They can get a job right out of high school ahead of their peers who do not have the training. They can also start at a higher level because of their training at a career tech school. Students that attend a Career Technical School do not have to go to college to get a good job in the trades and can even make more money. 

Where do your source the animals that are with your students during the school year?

All of our animals are donated to the program that people have given up and that are looking for homes. We care for the animals and re-home them at a low cost. 

What services do you offer the public as part of your teaching model?

Our program is open to the public. People can shop with us to buy small animals, retail products and low-cost dog-grooming services. The grooming services are part of our training program and allow the students to practice their dog-grooming skills. We keep our prices are very low compared to other grooming salons. Students take great care of the dogs while learning bathing, brushing, clipping nails, cleaning ears, restraint behavior, clipping, and scissoring the dogs to breed standard. Another program we offer is for parents who want to bring their children to tour the program and see the animals during school hours.

How do you make a reservation for dog grooming?

Our dog-grooming services are Monday through Friday during the school year. Drop off is 8-8:30 and pick up is 1:30-1:45. The phone number to call and schedule a grooming appointment with our students is 513-612-4970. Due to school hours, we can only take a limited number of dogs per day and we usually are booked out a few weeks. We have clients that will schedule their appointments all year and plan to schedule even the following year. 

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