Why You Need to Go Apple Picking this Year (And Post it on Social Media)

It was apple picking that hooked me on the value of social media.

It was 2008. I went apple picking at Irons Fruit Farm with my kids, took some photos on my digital camera, uploaded them to my computer, and made my very first photo post on Facebook.

And now, every single year at the end of September, Facebook memories reminds me of the day I went apple picking with my four kids at Irons Fruit Farm. It was busy, and purposeful. Some aspects where challenging, like making sure that falling apples didn’t land on the baby’s head. Or that my toddler son didn’t find ways to use the apple-picking tool as a deadly weapon.

But overall, I remember it as the perfect activity for the energetic and hungry brood that accompanied me. Plus, they were free labor. I pulled the wagon, supplied the snacks, and carried the sleeping baby. Their job was to gather enough apples for us to have our annual fill of apple goodness: apple crisp, applesauce, apple pie, apple butter, and of course, eatin’ apples.

Aside from our small home garden, apple picking was the closest my kids would come to knowing where their food comes from. For young ones, it’s a valuable lesson, and one that’s easily accomplished by packing them up in the car on a crisp Autumn morning and taking them to a local orchard to experience it for themselves.

P.S. Don’t forget to take some photos of the day and share them on your social media. You won’t regret it!

Local Orchards for Apple Picking

Irons Fruit Farm

Address: 1640 Stubbs Mills Road, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

Hidden Valley Orchards

Address: 5474 North State Route 48, Lebanon, Ohio 45036

McGlasson Farms

Address: 5832 River Road, Hebron, Kentucky 41048

A&M Farm Orchard

Address: 22141 OH-251, Midland, Ohio 45148

Tuken’s Orchard & Farm Market

Address: 15725 Dayton Eaton Pike, West Alexandria, Ohio 45381

Monnin’s Fruit Farm

Address: 8201 Frederick Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45414

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