Dog washing station

How To Build a Dog-Washing Station in Your Home

My husband Terry and I recently added a new family member to our household and his name is Cooper! We love him, but giving him a bath after a muddy walk in our personal bathtub was not so much fun.

We came up with the perfect solution – a pet washing (or shower) station. This is a great way to be able to wash Cooper at home as well as add value to our house.

We decided to construct the bathing station in a corner of our laundry room. You could also build one in a mudroom or basement. You will need to think about plumbing lines when selecting a location.

The shower floor was raised to make bathing easier.

Plumbing was added.

An attractive tiled floor was installed for our pet-washing station.

Subway tile was added and completed our pet washing-station project!

Do you have a furry friend in your house? I hope this step-by-step process inspires you to create a dog-washing station. If DIY is not your thing and you need help, text Terry at O’Brien Home Improvements at 513-305-2850 and he can provide a free quote.