Oishii Sushi Bakes: Customized Culinary Delights

I love sushi. Whether it’s sushi rolls or sushi bowls, I can’t get enough. But little did I know that I would love sushi bakes the most. Prior to experiencing my new obsession, I was simply game to help a newly minted small business out. When Oishii Sushi Bakes invited me to be part of their secret trial launch, I enthusiastically said, “Yes!”

After pouring over Oishii Sushi Bakes order form, I requested a small (serves 4+) and worked my way to the protein, selecting their signature combo of imitation crab + baked salmon. For a creamy base, I also went with the signature of Japanese mayo + cream cheese. For the spice level, I went signature again with spicy mayo & sriracha topping: just enough heat but not too much. I requested every garnish and add-on: green onion, cucumber, jalapeño. Then I upgraded my toppings to include: avocado, and extra nori seaweed wraps (now there are many more toppings, like my local favorite from CinSoy: Spicy Chili Crisp!). Make sure to order the extra nori packets–they provide a nice landing pad for each spoonful. Imagine a mini seaweed sushi taco with a slight, but very satisfying crunch with each bite. 

I brought my magical and customized sushi bake to my cousin’s house. We warmed it in the oven per instruction while we set the table and chatted. The home filled with the best smell and we impatiently waited the short time until the timer went off.

Placed in the middle of the table was the dish of honor: we scooped, we topped, we moaned (seriously) and our eyes rolled toward the ceiling in jubilation. It was glorious, filling, and so, so very yummy. I jokingly told the owner that we murdered it as a family. My cousin and her family were hooked. I instantly regretted not ordering additional single-serving lunch-sized portions for the rest of the week. We could have crushed more, but we would have been stuffed. Three adults and one 7-year-old sat back with glee and full tummies. Easy mid-week meal achieved: something new and warm and oh, so satisfying!

The Oishii Sushi Bakes Story

Here to talk more about Oishii Sushi Bakes is Nikki Tran Duff, Founder & Chef. Let’s start at the beginning–tell us the Oishii Sushi Bakes origin story.

I launched Oishii Sushi Bakes in 2023 when I realized most people in Cincinnati had never tried (or even heard of) sushi bakes before. What started as a passion project that allowed me to combine my love for cooking and marketing quickly blossomed into a rewarding side hustle. As a California transplant, I am so grateful Oishii has allowed me to meet and connect with many locals in Cincinnati. I love the food community here! 

How can your sushi bakes be customized?

We offer our signature seafood bakes, along with some vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and keto options depending on the availability of ingredients. Just ask! 🙂 

Which local brands or businesses have you been able to incorporate into your business?

I try to shop for ingredients and supplies locally and use Cincinnati-based brands, such as CinSoy, whenever possible. Also, whenever I do pop-up events or offer holiday specials, I collaborate with other small businesses on the venue or dessert. 

How has the feedback been since your launch?

The feedback has been amazing! I open up my books one month at a time for orders and all the spots fill up within hours. We always sell out and have a growing waitlist. 

One year in, what’s on the horizon for Oishii Sushi Bakes?

In 2024 and beyond, I hope to have Oishii more readily available for people to “pick up” whenever they want. It would be awesome to have our sushi bakes regularly stocked at some local cafes, bakeries, and delis. 

What is one thing you wished you knew before starting out?

The marketing and administrative tasks require just as much time (if not more) as making the sushi bakes in the kitchen! 

Where can people place their orders or subscribe?

Slide into my DMs on Instagram @oishiisushibakes! Or you can send me a message on our ‘Oishii Sushi Bakes’ Facebook page.