Perfect Wine Pairings for Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving, for me, is all about gratitude. It’s a moment to reflect on and appreciate the
many blessings in our lives, both big and small. I believe there is always something to be
thankful for. Traditionally, my family and I spend Thanksgiving in a relaxed and cozy manner. We
gather together, share an amazing dinner, and conclude the evening with a slice of pumpkin pie
and a movie. Our celebrations are never extravagant, but they are always a source of warmth and

Personally, I like to complement my Thanksgiving meal with a glass of wine or two. White wine is my go-to, and one of my top choices is Sauvignon Blanc. This wine is a fantastic match for green bean casserole, which is one of my Thanksgiving favorites, along with pumpkin pie of course. If you’re wondering which wine best compliments your holiday feast, I have provided some insights into ideal wine pairings for Thanksgiving dishes. Happy feasting!

White Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner


Chardonnay stands out as one of the world’s most widely cherished white wine grape
varieties, celebrated for its historical ties to the Burgundy region in eastern France. The very
name “Chardonnay” finds its origins in the charming village of Chardonnay nestled within the
Maconnais region, where this grape has thrived for centuries. The white wine boasts a medium to
full body, featuring a delightful medley of flavors, including apple, pear, and the subtle allure of
vanilla. When the Thanksgiving dinner bell tolls, Chardonnay confidently takes its place at the
table, harmonizing beautifully with roasted turkey, and velvety mashed potatoes. Adored by
many, this wine is destined to become a necessity at your Thanksgiving feast.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc, a beloved white grape wine variety, is renowned for its invigorating,
crisp and occasionally herbaceous wines. While the precise origins of Sauvignon Blanc remain
somewhat unknown, it is believed to come from the Bordeaux region of France. Its name,
Sauvignon Blanc, is thought to derive from the French “sauvage” meaning wild, and “blanc”,
meaning white. This wine is celebrated for its unmistakable traits. It frequently offers a
refreshing acidity, coupled with herbal and citrus notes. Sauvignon Blanc effortlessly
compliments any herb-infused dishes and the timeless favorite, green bean casserole. This wine
has won hearts across the globe, admired for its versatility.

Red Wine Pairings for Thanksgiving Dinner

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, one of the world’s most admired and ancient grape varieties, has a history that
keeps wine historians engaged in a lively debate because the true origins are also unknown.
However, many believe it comes from the Burgundy region of France, like Chardonnay. The
name “Pinot” is derived from the French word “pine” referring to the grape’s tightly clustered,
pine-cone shaped bunches, while “Noir” signifies its deep, dark color.

The lineage of Pinot Noir traces back to the era of the Romans, known for cultivating vineyards throughout their empire. It’s quite plausible Pinot Noir graced their vineyards. This wine is celebrated for its expressive character, delivering a red wine experience that falls in the light to medium-bodied spectrum, featuring delightful notes of red berries and earthiness. When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, Pinot Noir is versatile and a superb choice. Its balanced acidity means it pairs well with a wide
array of dishes, from turkey to cranberry sauce. Today, Pinot Noir remains a beloved grape variety, thriving in vineyards around the world, where skilled winemakers work their magic, ensuring that the unique grape continues to bring joy to wine enthusiasts everywhere.


The journey of Zinfandel began in Croatia before it found its way to southern Italy and
then to American soil in the early 19th century with its first documented plantings in Long
Island, NY. However, its true rise to prominence began in California. In the midst of the Gold
Rush, Zinfandel became increasingly popular because it was well-suited to the state’s climate
and quickly became one of the most widely planted grape varieties. Zinfandel’s fruit-forward
character makes it a stand out choice, particularly when paired with spicy or boldly flavored
dishes, such as sausage stuffing. So, when you’re looking to impress your Thanksgiving guests at
dinner, Zinfandel is sure to WOW with its vibrant flavors.