Spring shoe styles

Shoe Obsessed! What to Wear this Spring

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with shoes. As a former wardrobe stylist, I’ve accumulated a massive amount of footwear over the years. Even after giving away nearly 200 pairs of shoes to various charities, I’m down to somewhere around 300, give or take. Friends often joke that I could probably wear a different pair of shoes for every day of the year.

You may be wondering where I keep so many shoes? Funny you should ask! Recently when I downsized to a home with less closet space, I was at a loss for where to put them all. Then it struck me: why does a single woman need storage for pots and pans? Eureka! I had found the solution. Into the kitchen cabinets went several pairs of shoes and some handbags. Hey, sometimes you gotta make do with what you have.

Below I’ve included links to spring shoe styles from some of my favorite stores, but I’m not opposed to thrifting to find shoes, either! Great spots for serendipitous finds are Poshmark, Clothes Mentor, and Goodwill. And if you get lucky and find a pair of vintage kicks, it always helps to have a great shoe repair guy!

The Best Spring Shoe Styles for Women this Year

In the words of Queen Latifah, “Ladies First Ladies First!” Women’s shoe styles for spring are always so varied and fun, so let’s dive in! Below I’ve shared some of my fav styles for spring kicks.

First off, you can never go wrong with Chucks for women (or men, of course. But we’re talking ladies first!). You can even customize your own Chucks…go here to see how creative you can be.

Looking for comfort plus style? Try these Sam Edleman Espadrille Loafers from Bloomingdales. Nothing keeps you light on your feet in the warm weather season like a pair of espadrilles!

Spring shoe styles for women
Photo: Bloomingdales.com

Need some bling to put that spring in you step? I wore these Fashion Flats from Shein on my recent trip to Antiqua. Very inexpensive, but super comfortable with a cushioned sole.

spring shoe styles for women
Photo: Shein.com

I love a high heel, though! Don’t you?! A d’Orsa style heel or a simple one strap sandal looks so good on anyone and you can find this style anywhere.

Spring Shoe styles
Photo: Steve Maddenhttps://www.stevemadden.com/products/devon-pink-leather

And Just for fun, giving your feet a moment all their own, Betsy Johnson and Butterflies (one of my
favorite designers because she’s so fun) look at these skinny lucite wedges from Zappos.

Photo: zappos.com

The Best Spring Shoe Styles for Men this Year

How about for the men? Yes, men need a spring style update, too! One caveat for the warm weather season: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no socks with the Nike or Adidas slides!

For starters, try these gender inclusive revive shoes by Kane at Nordstrom. And look fam, no socks!

Spring shoe styles
Photo: Nordstrom

Or you could go with these perforated Penny Loafers from DSW: stylish, comfortable, and ventilated for when spring days heat up!

Spring shoe styles for men
Photo: DSW

Loving the light knit sneakers by Johnston & Murphy found at JoS. A Bank, adding a pop of style to spring outfit.

Photo: JoS A. Bank

One can never go wrong with Cole Haan and fashion staple since 1928. These comfortable stylish
shoes found at Zappos and can be worn with your suits, jeans or linen or Nautica shorts.

Photo: Zappos

Hey guys, you can also try this spring to summer cross woven casual slip-on from AllenEdmonds!

Photo: AllenEdmonds

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