Stone Masonry Houses (and Wine!) Await in Camp Springs, KY

In the mid-1800s, immigrants from the Rhine River wine districts of Germany fled their hometowns due to political unrest and made their way to America settling in what is now known as Camp Springs, Ky. Not only did they bring their wine-making talents to the northern Kentucky region, but they also constructed stone masonry houses using limestone from the land they settled. Many of these dwellings now reside on the National Register of Historic Places and still have residents inhabiting them. They are considered one of the largest collections of historical stone masonry houses in the Midwest.  

Photo by Russell and Sydney Poore via Wikimedia Commons 

Examples of these historic buildings include Camp Springs House (6361 Four Mile Pike, Camp Springs, KY 41059), which has served as a stage coach stop, post office and inn since its construction in the 1860s. The Leick House (6771 Four Mile Pike, Camp Springs, KY 41059), like many other of these German-built houses, was built into a hillside with a second-story rear entrance. Click here to learn even more about the historic stone houses throughout Camp Springs, Ky.! 

Photo provided by Camp Springs Vineyard Winery 

In addition to the historic architecture of its buildings, the city of Camp Springs was also known for its wine-making prowess and was the premier grape-growing area prior to Prohibition due in no small part to its settlement by German wine merchants and producers. Camp Springs Vineyard Winery (6685 Four Mile Road, Camp Springs, KY 41059; 859-448-0253) has both the historic stone architecture the town is known for and continues the area’s wine legacy. Sip on a dry red wine, peach fruit wine or the apple wine aged in a bourbon barrel. All of the wines are produced in house from the vineyard’s own fruit or local fruit. 

Photo provided by Camp Springs Vineyard Winery 

The tasting room is open Saturday and Sunday, and the winery is part of the Northern Kentucky Back Roads Wine Trail. Pick up a VIP passport at any of the participating wineries, and collect your prize once you’ve traveled the scenic back roads of Kentucky and visited them all!  

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