Sticker Shop

The Sticker Shop in Wyoming, Ohio – A Nostalgic Haven for All Ages

Stickers: the magical in-budget purchase-products of my childhood, that tear-able, shareable currency of youth. Whimsical moments of themed selection, perforation, collection and above all, adoration. 

Did you know that magic still exists? That you, as an adult, child or preteen can still capture that joy? It all lies within a shop of shiny splendor, the absolute cutest sticker and stationary shop attached by a mere doorway, nary a portal dare I say, to my favorite coffee shop in Wyoming, Ohio. With sticker rolls galore, dreamy stationary, noteworthy notebooks, and the “good markers.” You know what I mean, the topnotch-colored markers you secretly squirrel away, for if discovered, they are instantly re-appropriated by family or co-workers and inevitably gone forever.

Enter the enchanted world of Amy Webb, founder and owner of The Sticker Shop.

How did your sticker story begin?

It begins in a small town in western Nebraska in the early 80’s. I was about 6 years old in 1983 when I got my sticker book (which I wish I still had today!) and loved going to a shop called The Teacher’s Corner where there were rolls upon rolls of stickers on the wall that you could rip off in sections and buy for your sticker book or just to trade. We also got smelly stickers from our teachers back then on our worksheets and I remember carefully tearing those off and putting them in our sticker books. That’s pretty much it! It really is that simple, but that simplicity is what makes stickers so, dare I say, magical for young kids? And adults, but young kids in particular. It’s the tactile nature of stickers, the different types–holographic, smelly, puffy, fuzzy–and the arranging and rearranging.It’s also the social aspect whether trading or putting them on a letter to send to a loved one or friend. Stickers can really connect people.

When did this love for stickers transform into a full-blown shop?

I always say that The Sticker Shop was inspired by, and is a love letter to my Gen X childhood. Like I said, I was a kid in the early 80’s when the first sticker craze hit and I loved collecting stickers back then. And going to the local shop, The Teacher’s Corner and choosing between hundreds of rolls of stickers was magical (I know, again with that word but it’s true!).

Fast forward to a few years ago–I was a mom of three young girls and I decided we were going to make our own sticker books so we could collect and trade stickers. They had no idea what I was talking about! Trade stickers with our sticker books? Huh? But we made sticker books and over time we collected and traded more and more stickers. I loved seeing my kids put down their screens for sticker trading and sticker arranging!

At the same time I was becoming burned out from being online–for both work and socially–and all the negativity, parasocial relationships, etc., that come with that world. I was feeling nostalgic for a more analog life (i.e. my Gen X childhood). I spent some time doing research on sticker shops, and I couldn’t find any place locally other than Michael’s or Hobby Lobby where I could buy stickers, and I wasn’t really interested in the styles they carried. In fact I could only find one sticker shop in LA and one in Australia!

“Where have all the sticker shops gone?” I thought. Turns out, most of them had disappeared. I finally thought, “What if I opened my own sticker shop, and also featured other stationery type items?” And once I had the thought in my head, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I went to sleep dreaming about The Sticker Shop and I woke up thinking about it some more. I opened the shop about 10 months later.

Do you have a favorite sticker or stationary supplier?

I don’t think I have one favorite sticker supplier, but my top few are Pipsticks, Trend, DingaMart and Suatelier.

As for stationery again, I can’t choose a favorite but I love Ladyfingers Letterpress, Moglea, and the vintage stationery I source as well!

Vintage stickers. Let’s geek out. Tell us about your vintage section.

EEK! Yes, the vintage sticker section is one of my favorites. So far I have a variety of Oilies (if you’re an 80’s or 90’s kids you have to remember the stickers that had actual oil in them you could move around and watch as they turned colors. They were the best.) And rolls of Mrs. Grossman’s stickers. They no longer make oilies and so I really lucked out in finding someone who had a decent stash of them and sold me a bunch at a discount. They’re the most expensive stickers in the store, but on par or cheaper than what you can get on ebay. (And they’re in the original packaging.) As for Mrs. Grossman they still sell stickers online, but they no longer sell the rolls wholesale. And most of the ones I have in the shop cannot be found on their website anymore.  Again, I was super lucky to find someone who has a stash of Mrs. Grossman rolls and was willing to sell them at a reasonable price.

But I have more coming! Think *Holographic Michael Jackson* and ET. 🙂

Why Wyoming?

I LOVE Wyoming. It’s such a wonderful, walkable neighborhood and the community really supports their small businesses. When I first pictured my shop I pictured the exact space I happen to be in. It wasn’t even available yet, but I knew it would be the perfect place. And it has been.

Your neighbor, Wyoming Community Coffee, is on my frequent flyer list. How has your proximity impacted your business?

It’s no secret that Wyoming Community Coffee, or WyCoco as the locals say, was one of the reasons I wanted to be in the space I’m in. The impact has been tremendously helpful as WyCoco has become such a hub for so many people. I get people in the shop all the time who wander over from WyCoCo and they’re always pleasantly surprised! I also think the relationship is symbiotic–our customers also wander over there to pick up a coffee or pastry. It’s been a win/win for both businesses I belive.

What can we look forward from The Sticker Shop this year?

You can look forward to more workshops as well as a continual rotation of charming sticker and stationery items. I am ALWAYS on the hunt for new products and love to keep the shop refreshed with new stickers, stationery, pens and more. As for workshops we’ll be doing more calligraphy again in the fall, creative journaling for kids, and my new favorite sticker stories! (Check out sticker stories on our Instagram page.)

How can people connect and learn more about your shop?

Instagram is the best way to connect to the shop right now at @TheStickerShopCincinnati. I’m working on getting a website up, so stay tuned!