Beef Tenderloin Wrapped in Smoked Bacon – A Maisonette Recipe

Nat Comisar’s Notes: There are no more important guests in your home than family. Treat them to something special with love from Maisonette! Be sure to ask your butcher for a center-cut tenderloin — no head or tail. Splurge on the bacon, too. You only live once!

Maisonette Beef Tenderloin Wrapped in Smoked Bacon
Serves 4

20 oz. beef tenderloin
12 bacon slices
1 cup Pinot Noir
½ cup beef stock
3 red onions
12 oz. dark grapes, sliced in half
12 oz. shiitake mushrooms, sliced
3 carrots
1 oz. fresh ginger, chopped
1 bunch of parsley, chopped
6 shallots; 2 chopped and 4 sliced
4 tbl. malt vinegar
¼ tsp. sugar
Thyme, rosemary, butter, olive oil, salt and pepper

Step One – Prepare Ingredients
• Season the beef tenderloin with salt and pepper then wrap with flat bacon slices. Tie the meat so the bacon will not fall off when you cook it. Set aside.
• Peel and slice red onion. Sauté with olive oil until tender. Add malt vinegar and grapes. Reduce very slowly at low temperature. Add salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm.
• Sauté shiitake mushrooms with shallots until tender. Salt and pepper to taste. Keep warm.
• Cut the carrots bâtonnet style and cook with sugar, butter, salt, pepper, chopped ginger, thyme and rosemary.

Step Two – Make Sauce
• Slice shallots and sauté with butter.
• Add Pinot Noir and reduce to a third.
• Add beef stock. Reduce again.
• Stir slowly adding butter until the right consistency.
• Salt and pepper to taste.

Step Three – Cooking
• Completely sear the filet in a non-stick pan then roast in oven at 375-400 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes (internal temperature must be 135 degrees for medium rare).
• Let the meat rest.
• Mix shiitake and carrots together and add parsley.

Step Four – Presentation
• Place carrots and mushrooms in center of plate and add 5 oz. slices of
beef tenderloin.
• Top with onion and grape compote and pour sauce around.
• Serve warm.