Holiday Lights

Best Local Spots to View Holiday Lights

The holiday season is upon us, and there are so many local things to do to get in the spirit! But nothing excites me more for this time of year than going to see all of the beautiful holiday lights.

Light festivals have always been a big tradition in my family and it was also one of my favorite family outings. My sister and I would grab some snacks, bundle up and hop in the car in anxious anticipation of our night of fun.

Whether we stayed inside the car and drove through light shows or went to experience the festivities in person, the end result was always the same. We giggled and chatted in excitement, pointed in amazement, took lots of pics, oohhed and aahhed at the beautifully illuminated city, and made memories to last a lifetime.

Going to see holiday lights is now a tradition I’ve carried into my own family. My daughter giddily counts down the days until our night of lights, and once we’re at the light show, my son likes to tell funny stories while narrating our travels. It’s always the best time, and brings out the big kid in me!

I smile as my children gaze at the holiday lights in glee; their innocence and joy reminds me of how much I enjoyed this time of year at their age. I can’t wait to watch and experience them carry out this tradition with their families as well.

Whether you make holiday lights a family outing or date night, just make sure you go this season! It’s a perfect place to take the kids or spark a budding romance, a wonderful way to spend quality time and create tons of memories. Be sure to take lots of pics- they will make for great throwback photos to make you smile. Plus there’s no better background for a holiday photo than a beautifully lit sky!

If you’d like to find a light festival to start your own family tradition, or looking for a new one to visit, here’s a list of local places to view holiday lights in the region.

PNC Festive of Lights
Cincinnati Zoo, Cincinnati, OH

Christmas Night of Lights 
Coney Island, Cincinnati, OH

Photo: @coneyislandpark on Instagram

The Christmas Ranch
Morrow, Ohio

Clifton Mill Christmas Lights
Clifton, OH

Holiday Lights at Lost Creek Reserve
Troy, OH

Woodland Lights
Countryside Park, Washington Twp, OH

Photo: @landofillusion on Instagram

Christmas Glow  
Middletown, OH

Holiday Lights at Lost Creek Reserve 
Troy, OH

Journey Borealis
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Hamilton, OH

Photo: @journeyborealis on Instagram

Light Up Middletown
Smith Park, Middletown, OH

Light Up the Fair
Boone County Fairgrounds, Burlington, KY

ChristmasTime at the Ark 
Williamstown, KY