Charley Harper Sculpture Springfield Township Cardinal

Experience the Charley Harper Sculpture in Springfield Township

Charley Harper, a world-known artist, lived in Springfield Township in Cincinnati, Ohio for almost 50 years. ArtsConnect and The Ohio Arts Council along with Springfield Township commissioned a 3D sculpture reflective of this artist – – and it is magnificent. The Charley Harper sculpture is located at the intersection of Winton and Galbraith roads, where 50,000 drivers pass by daily. It is eight-feet tall by eight-feet wide. You simply cannot miss it!

The optical-illusion sculpture was designed by Micah Landers and is called “The Many Sides of Charley Harper”. Multi-faceted blocks of images are meant to be viewed from many directions. The result is four “canvases” depicting a deer, ladybug, tiger and a cardinal (all of these iconic Charley Harper images were selected as a result of a public vote). As you walk around the sculpture, the images break up and form cubes.

Charley Harper was known for his minimal realism of nature. Most of his art had a stylized, geometric feel. This sculpture captures that essence.

Springfield Township has a very active arts scene. The Springfield Township Arts Center opened in 2020 and offers classes for children and adults, with over 50 artists contracted as instructors.

Winton Woods is located in the township – this is Hamilton County’s second largest park. Over 36,000 residents call Springfield Township home.