Best Outdoor Playgrounds near Cincinnati

Now that spring has officially decided to arrive (unless one more snowfall decides to make an appearance!) I’ve been frequenting the outdoor playgrounds with my toddler and infant twins.  Sometimes I will pick the location for the day, but my two-year old daughter Margaret is the final judge! After visiting many playgrounds in the area, here are our top four and why we keep them on our favorite playground list. 

Dogwood Park in Mariemont

Nestled between Wooster Pike and Pleasant Street, the playground at Dogwood Park is fenced in, which is great for those little escape artists. Dogwood Park is small in size, but large in entertainment. It’s a great spot for a morning drop-in.

  • Best Feature for Kids: The miniature Mariemont playhouse, an adorable addition to the slides, monkey bars, and swings!
  • Best Feature for Adults: The iron rod fence. You can keep an eye on your littles from afar and not worry about them escaping! 
  • Best Kept Secret: If you want a less crowded playground experience, show up before 11.  If you want to meet other parents, show up after 11 AM! The lunch crowd is a fun bunch!

Hyde Park Elementary School Playground in Hyde Park

A short walk from Hyde Park Square, the Hyde Park Elementary School Playground is one of the best outdoor playgrounds for kids of all ages.  With a playground in the front and a basketball court in the back, there’s plenty of activities for your littlest kids to your oldest kids. 

  • Best Feature for Kids: The new musical instrument area they added last year.
  • Best Feature for Adults: Easy access and walkability! If you live in the Hyde Park or Mt Lookout Area, it’s probably only a short walk from your home.  And with it being so close to the square, you can easily hop over to grab a coffee from Awakenings Coffee Shop. 
  • Best Kept Secret: If you drive to the park, there’s a parking lot in the back so don’t worry about parking and paying at the meter.

Common Ground Playground in Mason

Be prepared for playground overload!  This park has it all…and more.  It has play sets you didn’t even know existed. Be prepared to stay more than an hour or two at Common Ground (and for your littles to not want to ever leave).  This outdoor playground can be an all day event and is divided into four wings: two catered to young children and two catered to school-aged children. 

  • Best Feature for Kids: The Sway Fun Glider.  The adults will want to try it, too!
  • Best Feature for Adults: The large space.  You’ll easily get your daily steps count in!
  • Best Kept Secret: Restrooms that are clean! I can’t say that about every playground in the area.

Ault Park Playground in Mt. Lookout

If you’re looking for a simple playground, Ault Park playground area is it. I go there for the beautiful park, and the playground is secondary, but it keeps all the kids occupied for an extra hour! 

  • Best Feature for Kids: The greenspace around the playground. Ault Park is spacious and perfect for those toddlers who love to run and want to release energy. 
  • Best Feature for Adults: Benches! There isn’t a lack of benches. You can sit and see your littles from a variety of angles.
  • Best Kept Secret:  Visit the park when the cherry blossoms bloom in the spring!

Now, if only the rain and snow would stay away so we can have more playdates at outdoor playgrounds. I’m looking forward to a fun-filled spring and summer with the kids!