Corgi Meetups: How to Get Connected in Cincinnati

First, I’d like to blame the Instagram algorithm, the fluffy butts and the Queen of England.

Let’s back up: I own a corgi, a furry potato named Toby. He’s adored and known throughout our neighborhood, probably because he’s an escape artist, but most likely because his breed is very recognizable. Corgis are goony but stout, lovable but completely stubborn, born to sploot and cares not for your personal space. He’s an only-child kind of a dog, but we love to take him to corgi meetups throughout the year. One meetup is specifically for other cinnabun lovers, Cincy Corgis.

Imagine 60+ corgis descending on a dog park at once, like a well-orchestrated peach-bottomed flash mob. You just giggle and smile the whole time. Owners and corgi enthusiasts meet and mingle while stubby-legged dogs frolic and sniff until they are wrangled back into their cars. Complete exhaustion follows.

Corgi meetups Cincinnati
Photo: @ein.the.corgi on Instagram, wearing a bandana from @stitchesandsass513

How did I meet this magical canine group? Enter friend and sewing wiz, Sharon Brausch. Sharon is the owner of Stitches & Sass, a sewing powerhouse that creates fun and cheeky baby & pet accessories in Cincinnati. She informed me about the Cincy Corgis group and encouraged me to take my dog Toby to the next one.

Well, I took the bait. For those who may love this fuzzy four-legged breed, I wanted to share more about how it all started and how you can join, too. I spoke with the founder of Cincy Corgis and organizer of corgi meetups in Cincinnati, Nikki Tran Duff (I call her “Queen of the Corgis”!).

Corgi Meetups in Cincinnati: How it All Started

Corgi meetups Cincinnati Cincy Corgis founder
The founder of Cincy Corgis, Nikki Tran Duff, with her corgi Calypso.

First, tell us who you are and what the group’s purpose is:

My name is Nikki Tran Duff and my dog’s name is Calypso. We are the founders of Cincy Corgis– a local corgi community! We host monthly meetups and other special events.

What is special about the corgi breed?

Corgis are very smart and beautiful dogs with a rich history. And they have the cutest booty! I also love that corgi owners are very friendly and responsible dog owners who are fun to be around.

How did Cincy Corgis get its start?

During the pandemic, my husband and I decided to pack our car with some clothes and our dogs (a corgi + a dachshund) and drive across the country to Ohio to spend time with family. Back in California, attending corgi meetups were a big part of our lives so I knew that the first thing I wanted to do when we arrived in Cincinnati was to find a corgi community. There wasn’t one existing so I started hosting monthly corgi meetups at a local dog park and that’s how Cincy Corgis was born (the official name came a year later)!

When you first started organizing these events, how many people attended the meet-ups? How many attend now?

At our first-ever corgi meetup two years ago (July 2020), we had about 10 corgis attend. Our meetups now have an average of 60 corgis. Our biggest meetup ever had over 80 corgis in attendance!

What is your favorite part of hosting these events?
My favorite part about hosting these events is the community- meeting new friends and connecting with fellow corgi lovers!

How can other Corgi lovers join?
Join our Facebook group, Cincy Corgis, and follow our Instagram page, @cincycorgis, for lots of cute corgi content and information about future meetups! You can also follow Calypso’s Instagram, @calypsothecorgi, featuring lifestyle, food, travel, and local business content. Check out our favorite reel:

Corgi meetups Cincinnati
Photo: @cincycorgis on Instagram

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