Hike with your dog

Hike with Your Dog: Favorite Spots in Cincinnati

One of my favorite things about Cincinnati is its close vicinity to so many fun areas for hiking, walking or running. What makes it even better is there are many awesome options where you can bring your furry pal with you! From easy paved walks, to hiking and letting your pup run off leash, there are so many spots to hike with your dog.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

Paved Walks with Your Pooch

The Little Miami Scenic Trail: A 78-mile paved trail is great for biking, walking, or running. This trail is dog-friendly and covers 5 different counties. I’m partial to this trail since I live in Loveland just a mile from it. My dog Leif and I walk here regularly and we have the best time.

Smale Riverfront Park: Right on the river in downtown Cincinnati, this is a great paved area with other little attractions such as fountains, play areas and more.

Smale Park Cincinnati Ohio

The Ohio River Trail: Currently 10+ miles of paved trail, it will be part of the Little Miami Scenic Trail in the future. This is another great option to hike with your dog and see awesome views that are easily accessible.

Dog-friendly Trail Hikes

If trail hiking is more of your thing, check out some of these options that include easy to moderate hikes. These locations are also dog-friendly (leashed) and offer great views and wooded atmospheres with multiple trails to choose from:

  1. French Park
  2. Mt. Airy Forest Park
  3. Caldwell Preserve
  4. Withrow Nature Preserve
  5. Ault Park

Dog Parks for Making Furry Friends

The options below are highly rated and maintained dog parks in the area with so much to offer. I know that having high-energy breeds, or even a pup that needs a little freedom, is best achieved by some off-leash playing and these fenced-in parks deliver just that!

  • Otto Armleder Dog Park: This park has separate areas for small breed and large breed areas. There is available water, and room to roam with this fenced park.
  • Fido Field: This is a dog park located in downtown Cincinnati, separate areas for large and small breeds, and it includes turf to minimize those muddy paws! 28,000 square feet surrounded by a TALL fence to protect your pup from traffic.
  • Kellogg Park Dog Field: Another park with a TALL fenced area with 4 acres of running space. This park requires a permit fee that helps keep the park clean and maintained.
  • Schappacher Park Dog Park: 38,000 square feet in Deerfield Township. This park also offers separate areas for large breeds and small breeds.

I hope you get to check out some of these areas with your dog. Maybe you can meet some more furry friends and help get that energy out!

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