Midwest Best BBQ: Family-owned Favorite for 10 years

Midwest Best BBQ and Creamery had been on my must-try list for a while. Little did I know that we would soon become weekly visitors to this amazing restaurant in Loveland, Ohio. Now the friendly staff know our favorite nook in the seat-yourself dining room, where the owners and staff check in on us frequently. And then there’s the food…let us not forget the food: the consistently bang-on yummy goodness, top-quality meats prepared with love, and all-natural ingredients freshly made to order. 

Prepare for a list all my favorites; settle in, it’s happening. Top of the list is their seasonal Shrimp-n-Grits during Lent. Available on weekends until they run out and bar none they are the best creamy Shrimp-n-Grits I have ever had. Sorry, Uncle Pete, MB’s are better. 

Next up, another weekend special, the Tri-tip sandwich with optional MB’s white sauce, a flavorful mayo-based bbq sauce that doesn’t quit. The meat is incredibly tender and I’m a sucker for a good special.

I have yet to get my act together for their infamous rib weekends, which always sell out. Still dying to try the ribs but for my go-to order, look no further than the wings. You can explore a variety of flavors in wet sauces or dry rubs. The wings with the Grippo dry rub are addicting. They taste just like the famous, local bbq potato chips. Kindly ask for a little more extra rub…you’re welcome. Pair it with their magical mac-n-cheese. Pick medium at least or you will live with regrets. It’s comfort food in a cup. 

Midwest Best BBQ
Photo: Hailey Bollinger

Midwest Best BBQ and Creamery recently celebrated their 10th Birthday and it is no surprise why. With such a great presence in the dining room, I’ve been able to meet the owners and gush about how smitten we are. Here to tell us more about this special place is co-owner, Nicole Worsham. 

Tell us the story of Midwest Best BBQ. How did it all start? 

We started as a BBQ sauce and rub company in 2009 after my husband created a BBQ sauce that his coworkers and friends couldn’t get enough of. To promote the sauce sales in local meat markets and Jingle Jim’s, we started participating in local festivals using our sauce on our smoked meats. People were more excited about the meats than the sauce and always ask where the restaurant was. 

In January 2013 our cousin let us know a small shop in Camp Dennison was available for lease/sale. We signed the lease there on March 3rd and opened for business on April 6th, 2013. We had steady growth there and knew in order to really reach our potential we needed more space. We found the Wards Corner land for sale, saw that it was through a family friend and jumped on the opportunity. It took about 2 years to secure funding and build.  In September 2018 we opened and have been blessed with continued growth there.

When did you know that you had an amazing product?

When we started participating in festivals, the feedback was awesome. 

Who are the makers, shakers and pitmasters that run Midwest Best?

We are a husband and wife team, Tim and I do the majority of the smoking. Our managers Mark and Alicia help smoke our shorter-time items. 

Midwest Best BBQ
Photo: Hailey Bollinger

Why Loveland, Ohio?

Tim was born and raised in Loveland, 4th generation. This is home for us. 

What is your favorite dish and which is your best seller?

We’ve been tasting and eating some dishes for over 10 years. Our favorites generally are the newest item/flavor on the menu, newest special is Tri-Tip with MB’s version of a white BBQ sauce.  Our best sellers are pulled pork, G-funk wings, or mac-n-cheese… depends on the week. Brisket is a top contender, but we can’t produce it in the same quantities as pork. 

What is the secret to 10 years of success?

Lots of hard work, personal/family sacrifices, an awesome team around us, and a strong commitment to serving a high quality consistent product for each order served with a smile. 

What has been your biggest catering order to date?

We fed 1000 people at the San-Mar shirt factory.

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